My Lil’ TARDIS: It’s Bigger On The Inside. No, Really.

By Greg Kumparak

As I used roughly a zillion words to explain yesterday, I’ve spent the last few months tinkering with all sorts of little projects in an effort to learn to build awesome things. Most of the projects were intended to be scrapped from the get-go, meant primarily to help me wrap my head around some concept – brain fodder, if you will. With others, I was testing the water with ideas I might want to flesh out into proper ventures down the road.

With a few of’em, I was just putting things I’d learned together for the sake of just making something cool, viability be damned. This is one of those.

I built a TARDIS. With the help of some augmented reality trickery, it’s bigger on the inside (as any proper TARDIS should be.) Check it out:

(The Augmented Reality stuff starts just after the 1 minute mark)

The Outside:

I had a few hours to kill back around Thanksgiving, so I wanted to build something I could put on my desk. I had been watching a crazy ridiculous totally reasonable amount of Doctor Who that week, so it took all of about nine seconds before my brain settled on building a TARDIS. It’s fairly simple structurally, so it seemed like a good afternoon project.

I grabbed some wood and a couple bottles of roughly-the-right-color paint, and sharpened my crappy ol’ Xacto knife (if I did this again, I’d use a laser cutter. Cleaner cuts in less time with far fewer calluses. Plus, you know, lasers.)

photo 2 photo 4 photo 5

After a few hours of choppin’ away and feeling like I was living out this scene, I was done. Or so I figured. I put her up on top of my desk and went off to tinker with other projects.

Half a week later, I realized it’d be pretty straightforward to make the light up on top function. A quick trip to RadioShack and another hour or three of cutting later, she was shinin’ bright. Back on my desk it went. I was totally, positively done this time. For real real.

Then my stupid brain went and thought “Hey… wouldn’t it be cool if it had an interior?”

The Inside:

There’s a running gag in Doctor Who, wherein new characters are always dumbstruck by the TARDIS being bigger on the inside than it appeared on the outside. Once I realized I had a rough idea of how to pull that off, I couldn’t not do it.

The catch: I would have to do some 3d modeling work, which I hadn’t done before. At least, not for years — and certainly not with any modern modeling tools.

So I grabbed a copy of Blender . I know plenty of people who used Blender for work each day. It couldn’t be that tough, right? El. Oh. El.

A couple days of stumbling my way around the massive learning curve that is Blender, I had things mostly figured out. I modeled out a rough likeness of the TARDIS’ interior, based on how it appeared in the series from 2005-2010.

Tardis Render
An early clay test render of the TARDIS interior model

Putting It Together:

With the outside built and the interior model complete, I needed some way to bring the two together.

I had some experience using the truly fantastic Unity game engine along with Qualcomm’s Vuforia API, so I started there. Perfect choice. If you’re messing with AR stuff, I can’t recommend that combination of tools enough.

I originally wanted to use the TARDIS’ front surface as the marker which the companion app would recognize, but non-flat surfaces (even ever so slightly) just really, really don’t work well (mainly because of shadows and what not.) Then I tried using the little “Free for use of Public” sign from the TARDIS’ front as a marker, but it was just too small. Eventually I just hacked off the front door and put in the big timey-wimey space-warp-lookin’ marker you can see in the video up above.

One tricky part was figuring out how to render the TARDIS’ interior only where the empty space of the open doors would be. That was, after all, the basis of the entire illusion. I ended up using a technique called “depth masking”, wherein you actually do render the entire object — but you also render an invisible object with a specialized shader that keeps the camera from actually displaying the parts that shouldn’t be shown. It’s the same technique game developers often use to put boats in their game without the water plane clipping through the hull. The water often is there, you just can’t see it.

And that’s that: my tiny, desktop-sized TARDIS that just so happens to be bigger on the inside.

tardis pan
This entry was posted on December 21, 2012 at 3:47 pm

  • Julien

    Wow, that looks great! So is there any chance of making another one and selling it?

    • Greg Kumparak

      Thanks Julien! No plans yet, but I’m looking into ways to let other folks in on the fun.

      • Abi León

        Create a virtual model of the TARDIS at Shapeways and sell a sticker of the timey-wimey door separately here on your blog! Kickstarter, maybe?

      • Nicholas Gendron

        Hey, I realize that it has been quite a while since you’ve probably check on these comments and have been bombarded with requests for this to be put on sale, but is there any way to have even just the 3 model to be shared. I don’t mind figuring out the rest of the work, but I have been trying and no matter what, I cannot figure out how to create a 3D image

  • Kaci Elise Champion

    i don’t know who you are, i don’t know what you want, but i will find you, and SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

    • Greg Kumparak

      This comment has now made me laugh out loud not once, not twice, but *three* separate times.

      • disqus_8mJAc9Qn1I

        Hey, any chance you could share your files? Maybe on github? I’d like to make one of these for a Dr Who (absolute) fanatic, I believe she’s currently knitting her 4th Doctor who scarf! lol.

        She lives in the USA and it would be amazing to post this to her (I have a unity license and would really like to give this a try!) (though I’m no good at Blender) PLEASE, please please!!! :) :) :)

      • Roney Belhassof

        I would like to give you some money to ;)

        • Blasphem

          I want it now :(

    • Stephane Rivoire

      oh lol i was going to say exactly the same thing. seriously i need one

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  • Michael Morton

    You might be suprised at how big a market is out here…begs…follow up on it, please. With alternate old fashioned interior for us old folks would be nice :-)

  • Andy Thomson

    I also would love to have one!! Well done, I wish I had the talent to pull it off.

  • G.

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  • Kes Tuturoong

    Omg! I want one for xmas pleeease…

  • James Churchill

    Wow – any chance of releasing the app (and source code maybe if we’re good??) so we can play with this? It’d work even with a 2d tardis printed on a piece of paper! :)

  • dirtygreek

    Gahhhhh could you please release the source and/or the apk???

  • Alex Soe

    What you have coded has so much possibilities; not just in mobile Apps market, but also in TV/Movie/advertising/toy/office-desk-scenery world. Hopefully, you will network with the right people to commercialize it and make some money or get some fame. Awesome hack!

  • Brian Brown

    C’mon – publish the app online and give us a PDF of the black and white sheet so we can all make our own! We wanna buy it NOW!

  • Brian Brown

    There must be opportunities for shop and outdoor advertising – you need to sign up with one of the major tech stores or fashion chains ASAP before someone pinches this!

  • Paul Kilmer

    That is just awesome!!

  • Neil Royal

    Seriously dude, market this. It might not make you a millionaire, but it’ll definately bring in some decent spending cash…some of it mine. ;)

  • Assaf Tzur-El

    A suggestion (that you might have heard a thousand times by now, but still): Write the app, sell it (I’ll buy one!), and just link to this for a DYI TARDIS:


  • Giovanni Valdiserra

    I want this really bad *_*
    Please, put this app on Android Market, together with the paper sheet to be printed and put inside the tardis.
    You can also recreate multiple variations of Tardis insides… It would be great!!

  • dtb200

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    Could you make a version for computer that works off a webcam?

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    I hope you have partnered on youtube, your view count is climbing like mad. And you shouldn’t let that money get away from you.

  • Matt Fondevilla

    Really interested in the augmented reality part and wanted to implement those into some future designs. How was the application process for the dev tools for Vuforia?

  • Paul Harris

    Anyway to do the same thing on a pc with webcam?

    • Auragar

      Likely yes. Make a program that reads the design and shows the model. But instead of for Android for PC/Mac.

  • Andrew Payne

    Awesome job.

  • EcclesFan

    Fahntastic! Could you post up a guide or at least dimensions on your TARDIS? Would love to work on this over the holidays.

  • Oneiros42

    Just throwing my name in with the people saying MARKET THIS. Talk to BBC, whatever you gotta do, but I WANT ONE.

  • Amanda Roberts-Anderson

    That is amazing! Do a paper version, make the app available in the apple store, and do a kickstarter to get funding. People would buy this!

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    Professor Fish

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    front; what you should figure is how to have it at the back, so the
    doors can open inward (you already have an interior light with which to
    illunimate it)…

    • Geoffrey Gould

      P.S.,: As the BBC is aware of your achievment…
      … perhaps they may help you market it, e.g., the BBC license it from from you and they sell it through them (as opposed to their buying you out; your acquiring ongoing royalties per purchase)…

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  • griefermania


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    This Fake Phone Charger Is Actually Recording Every Key You Type

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    • Lar3ry

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